About Me

At the young age of nine, a marker and a notebook were enough tools for Andrés Cortés Arvelo to let out the gift for the art that runs through his veins.

It is no coincidence that this 15-year-old boy has spectacular artistic skills, since several members of his family enjoy the same blessing. So this young Culebrense is a living example that the one who inherits it does not steal it.

“My grandmother painted, my father is an architect, my uncle is an artist and so is my cousin. I started at the age of nine to draw patterns with a sharpie and a notebook. I created my own rules in the bosses and that’s how I developed,” said the young man born in Fajardo and raised all his life in Culebra.

His works are distinguished by the use of repetitive patterns with designs of stripes and circles that create a kind of labyrinth. Little by little, he has been modifying his technique as he gains experience and shares knowledge with his uncle, Juan Vélez Jr., who has been an important part of his artistic development.